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Patrick Huse / Concerns of Diversity

In connection to NERA's (Nordic Educational Research Association) 42nd Congress, which this year is organized in Norway at HiL, Lillehammer University College, the artist Patrick Huse has been invited to participate in the conference with an art project based on the content or notion of the seminar.
The art project is a new production, but based on a continuity of cooperation with Rovaniemi Regional Museum in Arktikum in Finland in 2010. The visuals and the texts visualize the problem area of sustainable development and social relations. The conference has the following topic: "Education for sustainable development". As part of the exhibition and in the context of the conference this book has been made, written as documentation of the conference and a visual catalogue for the exhibition.

Editorial management: Patrick Huse

Øivind Haaland, Lars Monsen, Trond G. Jacobsen, Eivind Falk, Arne Christian Stryken, Sofie Petersen, Jenny Steinnes, Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe, Jan Erik Henriksen, Inga Hermansen Hætta, Susanne de Castell, Patrick Huse, Arjen E.S. Wals, Louise Flaherty.

English. Pages: 130. Soft cover, richly illustrated. Book design: Art Director Liv Evjan.

Delta Press in cooperation with Lillehammer University College, HiL, Norway. ISBN 978 -82-999494 0 8

Prize: USD 60 / EUR 40





Patrick Huse / Understanding Nature / Nature of Understanding

Exhibition catalogue:
Madeleine Long Gallery (Lilla galleriet), Helsingborg, Dunkers Kunsthall, Helsingborg, Kunstverket, Norway

Gunnar Sørensen, John K.Grande

English. Pages: 48. Soft cover, richly illustrated. Book design: Art Director Liv Evjan.

Delta Press, Norway 2012, ISBN 978 -82-995758-0-5

Prize: USD 40 / EUR 26




Patrick Huse / Realms of Belonging

Realms of Belonging are an artist book and exhibition project. In the project, book and exhibition are identically mounted as a visual collage. The project discusses identity and its relationship to local and traditional knowledge. Huse has been active in the northern areas for the last 25 years. Extensive travel, research, studies and collaboration with local people as well as researchers form a basis for Realms of Belonging.

Patrick Huse, Ole Henrik Magga, Antti Liikkanen, Chris Drury, Timo Helle, Trond Berg Eriksen, Anne Ringen Amundsen, John Erik Riley, Jenny Steinnes

Finnish, English. Pages: 144. Soft cover, richly illustrated. Book design: Art Director Liv Evjan.

Delta Press, Norway / Lapland Regional Museum in Arktikum, Finland 2011, ISBN 978 -82-995758-9-8

Prize: USD 60 / EUR 40






Patrick Huse / Preserving Memory

Preserving Memory is a personal journey through the art work of Patrick Huse. A retrospective not in a traditional sence, but a presentation of fragments from a lifetime. By visualising and politicising events and impressions from his own history, he illuminates his own past and the artistic choices that has led to his current situation and position, Whilst at the same time making a general statement about identity formation.

Svein Olav Hoff, Janeke Meyer Utne, Øyvind Storm Bjerke, Åsmund Thorkhildsen.

Languages: English, Norwegian. Pages: 98. Soft cover, illustrated, Book design: Art Director Liv Evjan.

Published: Delta Press / Lillehammer Art Museum, Norway 2010, ISBN: 978-82-995758-8-1

Price: USD 40/ EUR 26





bok11 John K. Grande / Dialogues on Diversity
Art from Marginal to Mainstream.

Foreword by Edward Lucie-Smith

Interviews with Patrick Huse, Anna Torma, Nadalian, Fransisco Gazitua, Brandon Ballengée, Roy Staab, Ed Burtynsky, Christo and Jean Claude, Yolanda Gutiérrez, Anthony Gormley, Ousmane Sow, Chris Booth, Bill Woodrow, Peter Randall-Page, A Guerilla Girl, Cai Guo-Qiang.

The artist\'s voices presented here are diverse in means and intentions, in geography and reputation; what they have in common is an engagement with both local concerns and global realities, with the process of making art and the possibilities for art in the contemporary world.

Writer: John K. Grande

Published by Pari Publishing, Italy 2007, www.

Language: English

Soft cover, pages 172

Prize USD 37.50 / EURO 26.50


bok10 Patrick Huse / Northern Imaginary 3rd Part

All together Encounter, Intimate Absence and Northern Imaginary 3rd Part has become three different parts in a trilogy called Northern Imaginary. The trilogy all together discusses the North from cultural and political viewpoints and the book is made for pedagogical reasons as independent parts in the art project. The 3rd Part of Northern Imaginary is politicizing and concluding the two first parts. This book contains a large number of essays from authors who are deeply involved and concerned with the political, social and cultural state of the North. In this document many issues brought forward do not "only" concern the North but is of international significance and concern, even if this is not at all time understood. There is no direct connection between the authors or the essays but by reading it, it\'s easy to discover a common concern about the North among all participants.

Gavin Jantjes, John K. Grande, Dag Solhjell, Daniel Chartier, Patrick Huse, Trond Berg Eriksen, John Bainbridge, Claudio Aporta, John MacDonald, June Shappa, Jorun Eikjok, Ole Henrik Magga, Tove Skutnabb-Kangas, Sofie Petersen, Tove-Lill Labbahå Magga, Jan Erik Henriksen, Bryan Robinson, Solveig Møllerplass Huse, Halvor Nordby, Bjørn Frantzen, Carsten Smith, Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe, Gisli Pálsson., Jón Proppé, Bjarni F. Einarsson, Kirsti Strøm Bull, Jørgen Jonsson, Åsmund Thorkildsen.

Published: Delta Press, Norway 2008 - ISBN 978-82-995758-7-4

Language: English. Pages: 290, soft cover, richly illustrated. Book design: Art Director Liv Evjan.


Price: USD 60 / EUR 40




bok8 Patrick Huse / East Greenland Impressions

This document is a result of a longer stay in Ammassalik and Ikatek area in East Greenland. Part of the visual material is from Ikatek, a small community which today is depopulated due to centralization in Greenland.


Mark Nuttall, Patrick Huse

Published: Delta Press, Norway 2003 - 82-995758-5-0

Language: English. Pages: 124, soft cover, richly illustrated.


Price: USD 40 / EUR 26




bok9 Patrick Huse / Intimate Absence

The Intimate Absence project brings forward different aspects of the North, issues concerning cultural change, local knowledge and local administration. The material is collected together with the author\'s essays from Arctic Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden

Claudio Aporta, Patrick Huse, Uuli Joorut, Elna Egede, Ulrik Pram Gad, Jørgen Wæver Johansen, Inuk Silis Høegh, Aasmund Havsteen-Mikkelsen, Astrid Ogilvie, Sigurdsveinn H. Jóhanesson,, Jón Proppé, Benedicte Sunde, Hans-Jørgen Wallin Weihe, Trond Berg Eriksen, Anneli Jonsson.

Published: Delta Press / Henie Onstad Art Centre Norway 2005 - ISBN 82-995758-6-9

Language: English. Pages: 200, soft cover, richly illustrated. Book design: Art Director Liv Evjan.


Price: USD 60 / EUR 40




bok7 Patrick Huse / Encounter

Encounter is an art project which collects its material from Nunavut in the Canadian Arctic with a diary explaining the artist\'s approach to the environment and work in a crossover of art and anthropology, also discussing the artist\'s role in society. The visuals, in paintings and photography, from notions to documentary give information on this environment and also bring forward the aesthetics\' of approaching such environment.
Also seeing that the North contain a large amount of opinions both from the inside and the outside.

Trond Berg Eriksen, Patrick Huse, Janeke Meyer Utne, Øivind Storm Bjerke, Mark Nuttall, George Quviq Qulaut, Gisli Pálsson.

Published: Delta Press / Lillehammer Art Museum, Norway 2003. - ISBN 82-995758-4-2

Language: English. Pages: 286, soft cover, richly illustrated. Book design: Art Director Liv Evjan.


Price: USD 60 / EUR40





Reykjavik Art Museum - Patrick Huse / Penetration


Gunnar Sørensen, Barbara Krulic

Catalogue Reykjavik Art Museum 2003

Language: English, Pages: 48, soft cover, richly illustrated.

Published: Delta Press / Reykjavik Art museum, Iceland 2003 - ISBN 82-995758-3-4


Price: USD 20 / EUR 13





Patrick Huse/Penetration: Artist book.

This artist\'s book is a juxtapose in visuals and texts of the Penetration project.

Authors: Patrick Huse, Gunnar Sørensen, Matthew Kangas, Øystein Loge, Øivind Storm Bjerke.

Published: Delta Press, Norway 2001 - ISBN 82-995758-1-8

Language: English. Pages: 40, soft cover, richly illustrated, edition 200 signed by the artist.

Price: USD 155 / EUR 110





bok4 Patrick Huse/Penetration

Penetration is a book representing an approach to the work of Patrick Huse from different angels within the art scene and in society in general, discussing different strategies on how to communicate different content on an art scene not necessarily familiar with the fact that the nature of art has many roads and approach and different worlds. The writers are philosophers and art historians who has worked together with or/and followed the artist\'s work for many years.

Øivind Storm Bjerke, Gavin Jantjes, Holger Koefoed, Barbara S. Krulic, Øystein Loge, Jón Proppé, Gunnar Sørensen, Åsmund Thorkildsen, Jorunn Veiteberg, Trond Borgen, Patrick Huse.

Languages: English, Norwegian. Pages: 190, soft cover, illustrated.

Published: Delta Press / Stenersen Museum, Norway 2001 - ISBN 82-995758-2-6

Price: USD 36 / EUR 26





Patrick Huse/RIFT

Rift is a close up to the rugged Icelandic landscape. All the motives are collected in the rift zone, a geological term for the volcanic zone from south west to north east Iceland. The RIFT project is an intensively personal and expressive vision of what nature can be: both, beautiful and unforgiving; consoling and terrifying. The paintings are followed by essays of art historians who have intensively worked with landscape and nature relations in art history.

Richard V. West, Folke Edwards, Hans Albert Peters, Øystein Loge.

Languages: English, German, Norwegian. Pages 160, hard cover, richly illustrated. Book design: Art Director Liv Evjan.

Published: H.Aschehoug Publishing House, Norway 1998 – ISBN 82-03-22295-1

Price; USD 60 / Eur 40

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bok2 Patrick Huse/Nordic Landscape

Nordic Landscape is a notion of the landscapes in two Nordic countries, from Iceland and Norway, discussing different aspects of these landscapes and the relations to people who live in these environments. The visuals have a sublime approach to the landscape. Visuals are followed by essays written by art historians with a long professional interest in artists working in this field.

Aðelsteinn Ingólfsson, Jan Åke Pettersson, Trond Borgen, Øystein Loge.

Language: English, Icelandic, Swedish., Norwegian. Pages 190, soft cover in box, richly illustrated.

Published: J.W.Cappelen Publishing House, Norway 1994 - ISBN 82-02-14841-3

Price: USD 60 / EUR40




bok1 Patrick Huse/Grønlandske inntrykk - Kalaallisut immersuineq: Artist book

Impressions from a travel in East Greenland, Ammassaliq area in 1982.
The book consist of 10 original woodcuts by Patrick Huse and 16 century Greenlandic poems.
Unknown authors.

Language: Norwegian,40 pages, hard cover.

Published Norway 1982


Prize USD 1050 / EURO 740

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